A few Habit Tales

Three Pattern Stories For in excess of 6 decades, I experienced eaten peanuts in the shell for breakfast. This may be a ridiculous breakfast but I liked it all the same. Nevertheless, each and every time I “cracked” a peanut minor peanut pieces flew about which demanded some thorough cleanup afterward. Then a single day Del made a decision this was the day I could find out the effortless way to try to eat peanuts. Instead of breaking them in 50 % I just experienced to look, or experience, for the dimple in the best of the peanut, give a slight press and the peanut opened simply with quite little flinging of pieces. Lessons From the Daily life of Moses – Aspect one When Moses came to the put of complete surrender, God stepped in and discovered His ideas. That surrender is not getting a puppet but just acknowledging our wisdom, strength, and strategies have limits and we can and want to say to God, “Not our way but your way, Lord.” Two Typical Names and Attributes of Allah I’ve researched the names and attributes of Allah thoroughly. My aim is to utilize them in inter-faith dialogue with Muslims, which I have interaction in often. These names of God quickly create common floor concerning Muslims and Christians and can make Muslim evangelism less difficult. Two typical names and characteristics of Allah that are ripe with the truths of the Bible are Al-Qadir, which speaks of Allah’s omnipotence and Al-Hayy, which speaks of His everlasting nature.


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