Staying With What Is

Staying With What Is In this first of two elements, the reader is asked to appear honestly at activities heading on in our environment and check with your self if our institutions—religious, governmental, and corporate—are really serving us or them selves. The next aspect of this article will take a look at the means in which our institutions mirror the moi. Methods to God Have you at any time wondered if there are measures or levels in an inevitable cycle foremost us ever nearer to God? If there are, do we all go by way of the same course of action? Do some of us get stuck in a phase? Do we at any time actually complete these levels? Do they go on forever? Do they overlap? Should they usually occur in the identical buy? Do we from time to time go backwards, forwards or redo bits? Enter Into the Spirit of Thanksgiving What if we were to each individual prolong random functions of blessing to people we satisfy on a day-to-day foundation? I have the amazing option to do music remedy in nursing residences. When I hand musical instruments to people and I see the joy on their faces as they perform the sticks, the bells, and the maracas, I know that they have been blessed.


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